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Hälleforsnäs Records

I have started a record company.
The first record out will be my own

This is not a joke, I do have started a record company. I was working in a recording studio since January, making a CD of my own. I'm finished now and the CD was printed in June 2006. Please check out the News page for more details. Mp3 versions of the songs can be bought here. There's also free samples you can listen to.

Hälleforsnäs Records is the name of the company. I tried to come up with a name that would sound cool and be international, although I plan to sell records not just in Sweden but in any country, thanks to the Internet. What would be more international than Hälleforsnäs, the village I live in? I'm pretty sure the name isn't already taken, anyway...

Jarmo Haapamäki

I have written and played music since I was a kid and have made a couple of records with my band, The Soul Preachers (I have later found out that there are a couple of bands in the USA with that name, never mind that. We started back in 1986) but I have never made a record of my own before. Now I have. It's almost done, only a couple tracks to finish and then you all can be amazed by the sound of Jarmo Haapamäki alone with a microphone, a couple of guitars, keyboards, a rhytm box and a digital recorder!

The label's second album is a re-release from 1993, a CD with my rock band, The Soul Preachers. Both records were mastered by Peter In de Betou, Stockholm.

Here are both CD covers:

Jarmo Haapamäki: Spoiled By Success
The Soul Preachers: Frog Vomits

How does it sound? As I already mentioned, there's free MP3 sound samples of the songs for downloading on my Hälleforsnäs Records Music Store page. Without any sound samples it's rather difficult to describe music to anyone. But I try: It's pop music. It's rock music. There are some waltz tunes. It's good music. It's fun, it's serious, it's happy, it's sad, it's beautiful, it's entertaining and it's great! At least I think so and so I should, I'm putting all my money into the project.

Please don't share the files with anyone or I won't be selling any records soon. I need the money to pay the equipment I've bought for recording the songs and to pay the hosting bill for this site. I really do.

The other album available for downloading is the record I made with my band in the 1990's. It's pure rock'n'roll instead. I'm not offended if you call it punk rock, if you wish.

I plan to release at least one compilation album
later this year. Artists and bands, please do send CD's if you think you would like be on that compilation album. I don't mind what kind of music you play, as long as it's good!

Here's the mail address:
Hälleforsnäs Records
Box 55
64030 Hälleforsnäs
Sweden, Europe

Jarmo Haapamäki, the owner of Hälleforsnäs Records
Latest update: 29 February, 2012

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